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    Handy Delivery Inc.
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    How to Order a TAXI

    Whether it's early in the morning for a trip to the airport, an afternoon trip to the grocery store, or closing the bars downtown, TAXI by Handy Delivery is always there to answer your call and provide you with the best taxi service in the region. There are times when we accommodate over a hundred calls in a single hour, and these tips will make it easier for us to get you where you need to go.

    1. Find out where you are. As simple as this may sound, an accurate street address is our best way to get our driver to you.

    2. Know where you're going. It helps us in dispatching calls more efficiently so no one has to wait longer than necessary.

    3. Know how many people are going. We have different sized vehicles and can accomodate up to 6 passengers with our vans, but only 4 with our cars. Squeezing someone in unfortunately is against the law if there aren't enough seatbelts for the number of passengers. No exceptions. You must also provide child seats for children if applicable.

    4. Determine how you're paying for the trip. We accept cash of course with each driver limited to be able to make change for a $20 bill. We also accept VISA, Mastercard, and American Express debit and credit cards. Don't forget the tip for good service, it's a substantial portion of a driver's income.

    5. Call 814-355-5555 and after letting the person answering the phone know you need a taxi, let them direct the dialogue to make sure we don't forget retrieving any critical information. Please call ahead for airport calls and doctor's appointments and the like. We normally won't take advanced reservations or "time calls" from bars or any events that we can't be sure of the time you'll be ready, but will get to you as soon as possible from these places after you call. Your patience is appreciated.

    6. Listen for any specific instructions the dispatcher gives you. We generally know the safest access for most locations in the area and wouldn't want to risk your safety by not communicating that to you.

    7. Don't Move. That little trip across the street for a soda jeopardizes us picking you up and your safety.

    8. Look for your cab. A taxi driver can't safely navigate his/her vehicle and be looking for you at the same time. If you watch for him/her, and are able to raise a hand, or just be out and ready with your "toes on the curb", it will help not only you but the next customer get to where they need to go safely and timely. Realize too that with pizza delivery vehicles and other taxi companies that you may need to give an extra look to make sure.

    9. Make sure you get in the taxi that you called for. Sometimes with so many people moving from place to place, there is more than one person at an address that needs a ride. If you get into a taxi that wasn't meant for you, it will delay the next person's cab. You may be that next person. Remember you've called TAXI by Handy Delivery, the most experienced, most driver tested, and most efficient taxi provider in the Centre Region.

    10. Don't do any activity in the vehicle that could jeopardize your safety.

    11. Remember to take your items with you. We are constantly having to return cell phones, purses, wallets, ipods, jackets, books.....well you get the point. You may pick up your lost items at our offices out near the University Park Airport. There will be a fee charged if we have to deliver it back to you.